Frequently Asked Questions

Most common questions that people asked us

  • We are a plumbing company that offers same day as well as emergency services to the greater Houston area.  We do Repiping, Drain Cleaning, Plumbing Services, Bathroom Plumbing, Leak Detection, Sewer Cleaning, Water Softeners, Water Heater Installation, and many more basic and advanced plumbing tasks. We understand that plumbing problems can happen anytime, and this is why you only need to dial our emergency hotline for immediate service.

    Our team of efficient and experienced plumbers will call you back and be at your doorstep at no time at all. We are all well-versed in handling multiple plumbing problems; and no matter how complex the situation is, we will leave your home with  all the plumbing hassles resolved. Worry no more about kitchen or bathroom leaks when you have us on speed dial!

  • We work with all kinds of brands for heaters as well as bathroom supplies. You won’t ever have to worry about our staff not being knowledgeable and under experienced. We come in with our own tools, equipment, and other devices that are needed to install and adjust plumbing systems. This allows us to offer a diagnosis and estimate  of any plumbing problems in a shorter period of time. We believe that the faster we know what the problem is, the sooner we can fix and the less complications it will create. In cases when the repairs are complex and will take a long period of time, our team will create an interim solution to keep the bathroom or kitchen functioning until the issue is fully resolved. This way, you will experience minimum interruptions and day to day life can carry on as usual.

  • Repairs can become costly when the problem is left unattended for quite a while. Simple leaks can turn into larger repairs when they are not addressed immediately. But don’t worry, you can trust us to give you a fair and honest quote on the cost of your repairs. As one of Houston’s preferred plumbing service providers, we offer packages that give our clients value for money. This is better than being charged an hourly rate with additional expenses for materials. Customers are also free to inquire about costs ahead of time and may ask for an initial quote or estimate about a certain project or repair work that needs to be done. We are fully confident about our work that we offer a warranty for plumbing work and appliance installation. The period covered varies depending on the package chosen.

  • Yes. Our company employs only licensed and experienced personnel to do all our plumbing and repair work. That being said, we can also vouch for their credibility and honesty when doing work inside people’s homes. While we prefer that our customers be at home when repair work is done, we can also do the work in their absence. Our personnel uses state of the art cameras to avoid making a mess in your bathrooms and kitchens. This minimizes the inconvenience we leave in your home while we do quick work and repairs. You can be assured that other areas in your home will not be disturbed or touched; we will only move around the sites that need repair. Nothing will go missing, and we do clean up afterwards.