How to handle clogged drains

All drains, including kitchen, drains, bathroom drains or outdoor drains, can clog over the years, especially if not maintained properly by an expert. What starts as a nuisance and slowdown in everyday routine tasks, usually ends up causing serious problems, even floods in your premises. Some clogging problems can be solved with the adequate tools and a little determination, but the best and the safest solution is to call a reliable plumbing service. If the problem occurs suddenly, look for the plumbing company providing emergency service on call.

How to detect clogged drains?

Clogged drains

The first sign people usually notice is slowed flowing away of water in the sink. Various amounts of water tend to remain around the faucets and the flow of water makes weird gurgling noise. If a toilet is clogged, you will notice bubbles when running the water and the kitchen clogging often causes spreading of the smell of rotten food remains. Sometimes clogging affects outdoor drains, such as the drains in the basement, garage or patio when the first signs are spreading of unpleasant smells or overflow of the water around the drains.

What does cause the drain to clog?

In general, building up of various debris and other material over the years on the walls of draining pipes will inevitably lead to blockage and clogging. When it comes to kitchen drains, this is caused by deposits of fats, greases, soaps, and food remains. Hair clogs bathroom drain pipes, soap remains, toilet paper and other items. Leaves, dirt and various trash clog outdoor drains and pipes.

How to handle clogging problems?

There are DIY instructions and tools that can help you solve it yourself, but the best is to let the pros handle it. Call a reliable plumbing service, explain the problem and let them fix it using powerful adequate equipment. Most quality service plumbing companies send technicians who inspect the terrain, detect the problem, use a specific tool to cut through deposits of debris and restore the flow. They will, also, offer you instructions for preventative maintenance and you should remember to hire occasionally servicing before the clogging happens again. There are many chemical solutions designed to prevent clogging, but you should be careful when using these because many of these products tend to be quite aggressive and cause corrosion of the pipes.

Our company is your ally in clogging situations

Clogged drainsAlong with all kinds of plumbing challenges, our service is specialized in drain cleaning field as well. We have years of experience, combined with experts’ knowledge, powerful equipment and well-trained technicians. Our technicians are specialized individually in cleaning kitchen drains, bathroom drains, outdoor drains and drains located in basement, garages and backyards. Aside prompt unblocking of the pipes and restoring the flow, our experts will suggest you methods for regular maintaining of the drains and various preventative tips. They will, also, suggest you various cleaning products that will keep your drains and pipes clean without causing corrosion. If struggling with clogged drains or simply looking for preventative maintenance, call our plumbing company, and we’ll provide efficient long-lasting solutions.